Lava Angels FAQ’s

FAQs Answered by Shared Beauty Secrets MD, Clare Anderson

Lava Angels Ltd FAQs Answered by Shared Beauty Secrets MD, Clare Anderson

Q:  What is Lava Angels Ltd? Lava Angels Ltd is a business opening up a unique opportunity for therapists to join the Lava Angels team to either attend the A-List events on behalf of Shared Beauty Secrets or use the Lava Angels branding to support and develop their own salon/mobile business.

Q:  What does a Lava Angel do? Lava Angels represent both the Lava Angels Ltd brand and their own business on location at events, in offices, in homes and in salons across the UK and deliver both 15 minute Lava Shot treatments and full treatments.

Q:  Is being a Lava Angel a full-time job? No, Lava Angels are self-employed or run their own salon business and use the Lava Angels Ltd brand and support to develop and promote their own business.

Q: What qualifications do I need? You need to have an NVQ level 3 or equivalent massage qualification. Q: Do I need to be trained in Lava Shells? The opening package for Lava Angels includes your Lava Shell Relax training. If you are already trained you can come along for a refresher. Q: Can I promote my own business when I am a Lava Angel? In most situations yes. You will get to meet and treat lots of new potential clients for your mobile or salon business and can promote both your Lava Shell treatments and other services. There may be some situations where it is not appropriate at the request of the host/organiser. Q: Can anyone become a Lava Angel? In theory yes, as long as you meet the sign up criteria, order one box of stock a month and send us information on at least one Love Lava activity a month you retain your Lava Angel status. Q: What is a “Love Lava” activity? We have made the 15th of each month Love Lava Day and encourage our Lava Angels to use this day (or another day throughout the month) to share the Lava Love. Love Lava Days are about raising awareness by offering Lava Shot treatment promotions. Q: What is a “Lava Shot Treatment”? A Lava Shot treatment is a 15 minute “shot” treatment. Usually through the clothes on a seated massage chair, we introduce the wonders of the Lava Shell treatment and its benefits to clients. Q: What if I don’t order stock or carry out events? If you don’t meet these requirements you would lose your Lava Angel status, we will remove you from our website and not forward Lava Angel opportunities to you. You would revert to a Shared Beauty Secrets (Lava Shell) account and be able to carry on your usual business offering Lava Shell treatments. Q: How do you support me? Before you launch you will attend promotional and brand training where we will share proven methods to drive your Lava Angel opportunities. You will receive a marketing pack full of ideas, posters to personalise, as well as banners, flyers, invitation cards and access to all the brand marketing materials to use. You will be added to our ‘Find a Lava Angel’ list on our website and have a designated Lava Angel executive on hand to offer support and guidance. Most importantly you will be able to utilise the power of Lava Angels social media. We also give every Lava Angel a free box of stock after every 12 months as an Angel. Q: How can I use social media? Social media is hugely important to Lava Angels and played a huge part in the evolution of the business. Our Star Angels have carried out celebrity and special event treatments for the past 5 years and it is through our celebrity tweets that the business has grown. You can share the @LavaAngels tweets and raise awareness of your services. Take a look at our Twitter profile and think how these exciting and newsworthy stories could get you local press coverage, new clients interested in experiencing the same treatment their favourite celeb has just tweeted about or a new corporate client following the example of a business such as Virgin Head Office making a recommendation. Q: What/Who are Star Lava Angels? Star Lava Angels are the team who have been working for Shared Beauty Secrets for the past 5 years. They attend professional shows, Charity Events, make TV appearances and deliver celebrity treatments. Star Angels are brand ambassadors for Lava Shells, are trained in all Lava Shell treatments and have a wealth of experience. They are all self-employed in various guises either mobile therapists, salon owners or college tutors and utilise their experiences with Lava Shells to enhance their career. Q: Can I become a Star Lava Angel? If we are looking for a Star Angel in your area and you meet the criteria, yes. Q: How are Lava Angels promoted? By us, by you, by celebrities, businesses and happy clients! On websites, in trade press, in consumer press, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and by personal recommendation. Q: What celebrity fans do you have? Too many to mention, take a look at our Twitter feed and see our celebrity fans #LavaShellfie Q: What is a #LavaShellfie? Fans of our treatments started sharing selfies with our shells, these soon picked up the nickname #LavaShellfie Q: How do I become an Angel? Email or call the office on 01869 357701. You will be sent a Lava Angel information pack and the sign up criteria.