Can I Become a Star Lava Angel?

We have a small team of Star Angels who have worked for Shared Beauty Secrets for 5 years. You may have met some of our Star Angels in the past, they attend professional shows, Charity Events, make TV appearances and deliver celebrity treatments. Star Angels are brand ambassadors for Lava Shells, are trained in all Lava Shell treatments and have a wealth of experience. They are all self-employed in various guises either mobile therapists, salon owners or college tutors and utilise their experiences with Lava Shells to enhance their career. Lava Angels are welcome to apply to become a Star Angel and need to meet the following criteria.
  • To successfully complete a trade test
  • To have proven success within their local area or career
  • To already have high profile clients
  • To have outstanding testimonials from existing clients
  • To share proof of activity and support of the Lava Shell brand
  • Willingness to attend at least 1 trade show a year with the Shared Beauty Secrets team
Whilst some Star Angel tasks are paid a majority are voluntary but Shared Beauty Secrets supply all stock for Star Angel assignments. Our Star Angels are able to justify giving their time by utilising the PR to further their own business. Celebrities tweet about their treatments, we encourage photos to be shared and local press always love stories of high profile events, TV appearances, celebrity clients and backstage music festivals.