Lava Angels | Lava Shell Massage

Lava Angels – the ‘must have’ benefit for the wellbeing conscious company and unique entertainment choice for every type of event as well as the prefect, fully portable, heated massage treatment to experience in your home.Lava Angels Ltd is rolling out across the whole of the UK giving clients the opportunity to experience the wonders of the 60 or 90 minute Lava Shells treatment in their home as well as offering a unique solution to event entertainment and corporate wellbeing. Savvy companies are enlisting the services of Lava Angels as either a regular arrangement for their staff’s health and wellbeing or as a one off reward for a special event. Lava Angels can add a unique twist to all events – Lava Shell massage through the clothes will wow staff and guests as it delivers an instant and memorable feel good factor like nothing else.Clients relax on seated massage chairs whilst experienced Lava Angel therapists carry out 15 minute Lava Shot massage through clothes to give an instant warmth and feeling of relaxation. To book a Lava Angel for an At Home Treatment, for a Corporate Session or a Special Event the contact is: Clare Anderson:


  • Pamper Parties
  • Girls Night In – Hen Parties and Celebrations
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Massage
  • Office Based Breakout Sessions
  • Backstage at Concerts and Music Festivals
  • Special Events at Nightclubs
  • TV Shows – The Apprentice, This Morning
  • Home Massages

What Lava Angels Offer?

Lava Angels offer a wide range of Lava Shell treatments, providing the amazing massage of heat and relaxation at a number of locations. Lava Angels represent the Lava Angels Ltd brand at events, in offices, in homes and in salons across the UK and deliver both 15 minute Lava Shot treatments and full treatments.

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Lava Shell Treatments

Explore the incredible 7 Lava Shell treatments created by Shared Beauty Secrets. The range includes Lava Shell Massage, Lava Relax Massage, Lava Rescue Massage, Glacial Detox Treatment, Therma Facial, Warming Back Massage and Men’s Recovery,

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I have hosted a number of celebrity events in London showcasing Lava Shells which is strengthening my media profile. It’s fantastic to see the celebrity’s response once they touch the Lava Shells and the feedback we have received from the public has been astonishing. I feel proud to have participated in events for Lava Shells

Sandy Henshaw